AD majoris, added value generator
for a different industrial world…

A dream?
No, just a simple, everyday reality: that of meeting our client demands through tailor-made solutions. As a player in a specialised market, AD majoris deals with highly demanding problems requiring differentiated know-how relying on strong values like:

  •  imagination,
    Being attuned to an ever evolving world, to its expectations and needs.
  • development,
    Or the art of initiating new product formulations in line with the bases of sustainable environment.
  • producing,
    Through the design of new qualities based on the concept of ECO-DESIGN.
  • sharing,
    Listening, discussing, meeting with the others.
    Our added value is not only industrial: Human capital and INNOVATION spirit, pillars supporting AD majoris in their confident view of the future.

Justify their difference

Attuned to our customers’ needs

In an industrial world undergoing constant technological and behavioural change, AD majoris has never failed to anticipate market changes and kept their future safe.

Visionary, wanting to make their know-how last, they have treated every need expressed by their customers as
an opportunity to innovate and to go always farther in their expert knowledge.

AD majoris’s technology watch allows us to be up-to-date on market trends and contributes to the continuous improvement of our in-house skills in an environment of key-concepts:

  • innovation,
    Developing innovative tailor-made thermoplastic materials and new process technologies.
  • specialities,
    So-called “niche” small and medium-size series and AD majoris’ positioning, firmly placed under the seal of eco-design.
  • fulfilling commitments,
    Citizenship, commitment, environmental approach and quality, approval (as per standards or by manufacturers), as many strong signals for a company who always abode by social responsibility.
  • flexibility,
    Manufacturing and delivery lead times in line with the technical specifications competed upstream with their customers.
  • competitiveness,
    “Talent has no price”…
    Simply put, AD majoris offers their partners the best quality-price ratio.


Management tools


AD majoris integrates continuous improvement.
Aiming to combine flexibility and efficiency for their customers’ requests, the company acquired a SAP ERP system with different modules.


Direct internet link for easy contact with the customers and a possible direct access for data exchange via the SAP system. We have integrated a CRM system in our sales management.


Transparent management process
aimed to a full control over costs.


A few figures


Present in 29 countries


Over 40 years of experience in polymer pigmentation


Tonnes of material per year



of export