Food grade plastic material

Like for the medical sector, thermoplastic products provide great flexibility in matching the demands in this sector, from packaging in general to different kitchenware. Everything that comes into contact with food must follow strict standards, 

  • from the organoleptic requirement of the designed product to the eco-design of materials, AD majoris brings solutions through their experience acquired in this field.
  • Products are already in the database corresponding to the very specific food grade criteria depending upon the application; please take a look at the products.

MAJORIS DG300 & MAJORIS G: outstanding properties

By generating new added values on their products aiming to serve demanding markets, AD majoris developed several qualities of polypropylene reinforced with either long or short glass fibers meeting the requirements of the regulations on food contact.

MAJORIS DG300 is the best ambassador of our expert knowledge and is a top reference on the market, with significant advantages and innovations on the applications, in line with the CEE and/or FDA regulations. Our customers identified the organoleptic capacity of this reference. This puts our MAJORIS DG300 in an unique position on the market, with top attractiveness.

AD majoris takes the same original approach for the MAJORIS G series which brings the same added values for most of their Products, in line with the regulations on food contact. Some more special Products can reach higher performances if they meet the requirements of the standards of water industry.

The technical sheets and the certificates are available upon request from your sales representative.

Products used for food


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