Eco-design is at the heart of our actions

  • Expert knowledge and the concept of substitution of the existing materials by higher performance (weight, process energy, price, recycling, etc.) products,
  • New materials containing natural fibres from the wood industry, the sea environment
  • Use of bio-based polymers

In collaboration with their customers, suppliers, university partners and through their participation in several collaborative projects, AD majoris has acquired expert knowledge that enables them to offer products or design advice that integrates the new demands and market trends within the framework of a sustainable environment.

To meet the expectations of eco-friendly products,
AD majoris developed the Maj’Eco series

Maj’Eco brings
Added values
for the ecological approach
and contributes to make us more environment-friendly.
It is a daily challenge.

The Maj’Eco series dedicated to eco-design

AD majoris is committed for a long time to eco-design offering innovative solutions to promote more ecological products through the design of their compounds through the design of the compounds which takes into account their ecological impact.

The Maj’Eco product portfolio is one of the possibilities proposed by AD majoris for eco-design with regard to the environment, offering a wide choice of qualities relying on conventional polymers (PP, PS, etc.) with natural fillers (powder, fibres, etc.) or hybrids of fillers, and also thermoplastic materials of bio-based origin natural and sustainable or bio-compostable or bio-degradable.

Our qualities can be used for applications

  • in injection moulding,
  • by extrusion,
  • by blowing
  • and thermoforming.

ADmajoris R&D work

  • on the synergy in thermoplastic polymers of a wide selection of natural fibres and by-products of the wood industry
  • on the use of a range of bio-based
    polymers which require less conversion
    energy while reducing the use
    of materials coming from fossil resources.

enable them to offer their customers the very recent series of eco-designed products of the Maj’Eco series.


This series consists of

  • thermoplastic materials (PP, PS) filled with 10 to 40 % of natural of hybrid fillers.
  • bio-based thermoplastic materials, either non-filled or filled with 10 to 30% of natural or hybrid fillers.
  • speciality thermoplastic materials with mineral fillers from the sea environment.
  • qualities with special stabilisations (for fire, UV, etc.)

A new challenge in the eco-design with ultra-light grades

Weight reduction for parts is a permanent goal in the automotive industry and now other industries are also concerned. AD majoris already offers solutions with their Maj’Eco series of thermoplastic materials with natural fillers. AD majoris offers now innovative, ultra-light qualities based on polypropylene and polyamides. Our new products offer a significant reduction of density which can reach 20%!

Our Products with hybrid fillers such as MAJORIS GB304-8229 or VENYL SWB309H-8229 open the door to a new generation of products leading to weight reduction along better mechanical properties.

Our products can be easily used on standard injection moulding equipment if the appropriate conversion recommendations are followed.

Technical sheets and certificates are available upon simple request from your sales representative.

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