Household appliances

From small to large household appliances, the needs of high-performance thermoplastic polymer applications are diverse on these markets, often relating to the designers’ search for aesthetic harmony between the different constituents. 

  • AD majoris is present for many years now in these sectors and offers the decision makers their experience and their means of production, to support them meeting the sought for criteria
  • the appearance, the gloss, the resistance to scratch, the colour, the purity of white shades contribute to the quality of the finished product and are criteria where AD majoris brings all their experience via products from their MAJORIS G series of high-performances polypropylene (amongst others) or on developments sought after by their customers
  • the environmental impact via the eco-design proposed by AD majoris for the alternative to replacement the thermoplastic part of fossil origin; AD majoris offers their non-limiting MAJ’ECO series in collaboration with their customers
  • takes into account the request of integrating thermoplastic materials to the recycling industry depending upon the application 

Products used for small or large household appliances


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