Special and speciality compounds

AD majoris is a trusted supplier of high-performance speciality plastic compounds.

Automotive and Transport

For this sector fuelled by permanent innovation, AD majoris is a specialist in mass pigmenting and production of a large family of high-performance thermoplastic materials, bringing to the Automotive and Transport industry all their expert knowledge acquired through many years.

Household appliances

From small to large household appliances, with various needs for high-performance thermoplastic polymer applications in these markets, often relating to the designers’ search for aesthetic harmony between the different constituents.

Electrical and electronics

The development of standards in these sectors and the innovation throughout these fields require high-performance thermoplastic materials, according to the different standards or related to the application (UL, Rail, Aero, country, etc.) .

Sports and Leisure

In these sectors, thermoplastic materials provide developers with an easier means to create shapes, appearance and high-performance for any objects, from the tinniest to the largest, matching market demand.

Buildings and furnishing

Markets where there is a demand, often coordinated with the electrical field linked to the building sector in terms of properties of the thermoplastic materials involved,

Cosmetics and Medical

Different sectors, yet also close, through often similar, equally demanding standards with regard to the quality of the thermoplastic materials required, which compel every designer and supplier to align product performance with these standards. AD majoris thus stays tuned and makes their expert knowledge of the standards in these fields available to the decision makers

Food industry

Like for the medical sector, thermoplastic products provide great flexibility in matching the demands in this sector, from packaging in general to different kitchenware. Everything that comes into contact with food must follow strict standards,


This field uses innovative materials, high-performance thermoplastic material families, aiming to reach high mechanical performances, in line with the standards. (Countries, applications,)

Farming and Tools

Many sectors in farming, gardening and tooling look for innovation, attractiveness and distinctive parts.
Whether by their colour, like for tractor cabins where comfort became a requirement, to gardening where robots gaining ground, or for tools with soft-touch linked with high-technicity, etc.
AD majoris is already present in these sectors and offers customers their expertise to meet the new needs of these markets.

3D printing

Using this technology, AD majoris provides customers with their whole product range which can meet the specific demands of the sector,