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Production technology for thermoplastic materials with long fibers, including coloured versions and speciality formulations:

Long fiber-reinforcement on polypropylene basis with the variations below:

  • mass-pigmentation on demand
  • fire-retardant-containing Products either with or without halogens
  • glass fiber/natural fiber hybrid qualities
  • long glass fibers from 20 to 60%
  • a variety of fibers along with the use of basalt fibers, carbon fibers, etc.
  • different lengths of granules (10 to 25 mm)
  • possibility for contact with drinking water
  • food contact
  • UL Yellow Card listed Products

Speciality polymers for electrical conductivity

In order to meet the needs of the automotive industry and to improve quality while reducing residual current conduction in many applications, AD majoris offers many Products with additives improving the electrical properties, based on polyamide 66, VENYL UNK006-8229 or VENYL UGK306-8229 based on polyacetal base, CETAL DNKO30, based on polypropylene, MAJORIS GNK067-8229, and based on polypropylene as well.

These grades can be used by injection moulding; they were developed especially for very demanding applications, with good resistances and an excellent balance between their mechanical and electrical properties.

AD majoris continues their everyday challenge in tailor-made formulation of innovative solutions for their customers, aiming to develop the products of the future !

to impacts and to cold

to impacts and to fire

Food grade, transparent, thermal shocks


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Specific products

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