Since a long time, ADmajoris is committed in the eco-conception by offering innovated solutions to promote more friendly products throughout well design compounds by taking care of their ecologic impact.

Maj’Eco product portfolio is one possibility proposed by ADmajoris to the eco-conception looking for their environmental impacts and offering a broad choose of qualities based on several thermoplastics raw material (PP, PS,…) with natural fillers (powder, fibres,…) or hybrid of fillers, also on bio-sourced raw materials in natural as durable or bio-compostable or bio-degradable thermoplastics.

Our qualities can be used for the application by injection moulding by extrusion, blow-moulding and thermoforming.

Maj’Eco brings added value in ecologic approach and contributes to make us more carefulness to our environment. It is our daily challenge.

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